Investing and trading


I recommend using tastyworks for your trading activity. Built by traders for traders this software is amazing. It’s lightning fast and super responsive. It gives you all the details you need to make quality decisions very quickly. And if the technology and speed of the platform aren’t enough for you, the low-cost commission structure is really something to consider. You pay $1 per leg + exchange fees (usually about $0.15 per contract). TastyWorks is made by the guys behind TastyTrade. The go-to place for everything you need to know about options and futures.

I would definitely recommend using tastyworks if you are completely new to options trading or if you are an experienced trader and investor looking for super sweet software and great (or actually small) commissions. You can sign up with my referral link here. You can get started with only a $2,000 account funding.

Important reminder: If you currently are struggling with credit card debt, have no overview of your finances or have gambling tendencies, please see to these issues before starting to invest and using derivatives to increase your return and lower investment risk. 


We love reading physical books. But we’re also a big fan of audiobooks. Of course, the experience on devouring an audiobook all of a sudden not only requires great writing but also great narration. Audible has a huge selection and I find the user base to leave rather honest reviews as well. If you sign up with our link you can get a 30-day free trial and 2 free audiobooks.