Moving abroad

We made a move.

Ever since I met my wife, she has been longing to life on the West Coast. At the time I had never been there. Last summer we had a 3-week vacation in California where we arrived in Los Angeles, drove down to San Diego, up to San Francisco and then back again to Los Angeles to hop on the plane back home. 

She had been talking about the West Coast since forever and boy… It’s awesome. The scenery is beautiful. The people are so nice. And the food is great. 

I would love to live on the west coast. We’ve been talking about moving abroad for a while. However, it’s not that easy to get to live in the US. So would this just be a dream that would look back on with regret when we’re grey and old?

We decided to make the move, and we did in January 2019. We bought two tickets to San Francisco, rented a car and drove up to Portland. From there we caught the train to Vancouver. We stayed at AirBnB’s in Vancouver and Vancouver Island for the most part for a couple of weeks, thinking that it would give us sufficient time to find a place to live. We needed to get the big 3 things going: 

  • Get a place to live
  • Get a car
  • Get an income

So far, we’ve got the first two going for us. We found a great place on the North Shore super close to the amazing nature around us. Mrs. Storm was really good at looking for places to live. We expected to spend at least the first two weeks of our Canadian adventure finding the place to rent, but it turned out that the first one we had a showing at was everything we wanted. And more! It just really felt right for both of us. And at a reasonable price as well.

The next big thing on the list was the car. Neither one of us are mechanically inclined, and we have never bought a car. We well knew in advance that this would be the biggest purchase so far of our lives. The biggest liability in our personal balance sheet. We even considered renting a vehicle instead for 6 months! Mostly because we wanted to “insure” our way out of any possible liability. And this could actually have been quite possible to do with not much added cost. The primary thing that made us go with the buying option was that since Mr. Storm is under 25, we would have to pay an additional 20 CAD per day(!) for a young driver. That cost alone would be more than 3,000 CAD – or more or less have the budget we had for buying a car.

We eventually bought a used car and added warranty to it. We do wanna go on longer road trips as well, touring the mountains, so we also bought a CAA membership. The biggest financial burden in having a car for us in British Columbia though is by far the insurance cost. Apparently, the auto insurance business is not private (or at least some it isn’t). This causes the prices to be super high in lack of the competition. In Denmark we would probably pay less than 50% of what we are paying here. We heard that the prices would be high, but since it’s literally to IMPOSSIBLE to get quotes online, we did not have an accurate idea of what the actual cost would be. Call this lack of preparation but you know, what can you do.

We would love to not drain our savings completely. The next step for us to find some sort of income while we are here, but still have time to explore Canada and the States. To get started we are both applying for different part-time jobs, but since we just got here we are being a bit picky still. We would like to avoid just taking the first available minimum wage job as a desperate move, and rather wait around for a bit if we can find jobs with a bit more reasonable compensation. Of course, we reconsider how we feel about this as time passes.

We are also active on freelance platforms particularly Upwork, doing odd jobs like translating and speaking Danish phrases for companies. These tasks are like super easy and quick, but there aren’t a ton of them around. Everything helps though.

That’s about where we are right now.

Have you ever made a move abroad? Would you ever consider moving abroad?

Stay tuned.